About Us

At BBC Timez, we offer inspiration, real-life, practical tips, and news to keep you updated. You will find everything, including adventure, nature, fun, fashion, gaming, technology, and global news. In addition, we have professional bloggers with an extensive background and expertise in their subjects.

BBC Timez is committed to inclusion, equity, and diversity. We are a leading independent media platform that delivers entertainment and news to millions of individuals worldwide. Our experts are passionate and dedicated to sharing their expertise and knowledge with others. We prefer to cover real stories exposing the reality of this world. 

Regardless of your location, thoughts, and individuality, you are welcome to BBC Timez to navigate what is happening worldwide. Moreover, you can find the impacts of different events on your life. Your curiosity, passion, and needs are essential for our platform. If something is necessary for you, it is our priority.

At BBC Timez we:

  • Focus on our readers and cover different topics according to their demands.
  • Cover different perspectives and topics in a relatable and sincere tone.
  • Diversity is our specialty; therefore, we need your opinion.

Inclusivity Matters Us the Most

We trust diversity in our work because we are committed to delivering unique stories to our customers. At BBC Timez, we want to write for everything to serve our diverse audience. For this reason, we actively pursue diversity in our content. Your feedback is critical to us; therefore, we actively listen to our viewers. Undoubtedly, we always try to be responsive and open to our readers.

Disclosures and Standards

BBC Timez endeavors to remain transparent and accurate in writing. Before publishing anything, we strive to corroborate and verify information through different possible sources. The anonymity of sources is essential for their security. In numerous cases, we do not grant anonymity to sources to avoid their liability for their opinion.

We prefer to correct any possible misstatement instantly with a note to the bottom of a relevant article. BBC Timez retracts any article after its extensive review. If an article has advertising content, you can see labeling. We do this to disclose relationships with external partners who can underwrite any coverage area. Contact us to be a part of BBC Timez. We need your opinion to provide our services consistently. 

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