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Human body is consisting of 70% water in the whole body compartments. Water is the basic source of life for all human beings. It is not only the basic constituent of life for humans, being a compulsory constituent for animals as well as birds and other creatures of world. Human beings having taste buds, so they didn’t rely and relish their selves only on the water. They want taste to mesmerize and relish their selves to stimulate their taste sensations. No creature on this world can live without water. No one having and much holding capacity to live without water. It’s the blessing for all human beings and creature to live and drink water. Man is a special creature which have all blessings regarding tasted water with too many flavours to relish themselves. He is used to add flavours in simple water to have a multi flavoured desired drink on any time. Children’s having a special sensations for drinks for kids like flavoured and desired drinks to change taste of their selves. Some of the mesmerizing drinks are here under discussion along with pros and cons of them.


Natural water is the best ever healthy kid drink with blessed favour and taste that never and ever become tasteless in any case. Natural water fulfil is top most best drink among the other drinks for kids. Natural water is the basic need of body that use it to compensate the various body loses against heat and cold conditions. A man should drink six glasses of water in a day to maintain natural body metabolism. Due to uncompensated loss of water causes dehydration bin the body with defected body metabolism.


drinks for kids
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The energy drinks for kids are not a peculiar thing among the other most popular kid drinks. It only boost up the body metabolism to make kids sharp and alerted in any situation to cope with situation and to make them active all the time. Energy drinks works best with the body metabolism and make sure for boosted metabolism of the body. It activates the whole metabolic system of the body to become energetic and agile all the time.


The beverages are the soda water or carbonated drinks. These are not the good thing as other drinks. It is not prefer able to the most situation as a healthy drinks because they also cause flatulence in the body after drinking them. Not all the beverages are not beneficial, some are kid friendly healthy beverages that are helpful and beneficial to some extent. Beverages having different taste and flavours to cherish the kids taste sensations.


The nectar juices are the kid friendly drinks because they are the natural extract of natural fruits and their pulps. Nectar juices are also available in the packing form or in the natural form. The natural nectar juices are preferable to the most extent because they are free from synthetics and preservatives. The thing which is free from preservatives will be the best thing for kids to use in the daily routines. It is the best juice for toddlers having no more sugar in it.


drinks for kids
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Tin can drinks are the relishing and mesmerizing drinks for kids that they choose to the top most choice. The toddlers are very enthusiastic in containing tin pack drinks. But If we take in account the growth of toddlers, they may be not as much beneficial as they should be. Tin can drinks containing a lot of synthetics which may be beneficial or not for the growing human body


The milk is the best nutritional drink for toddlers specially in the growing age and building bone age. Milk is the biggest source of calcium and vitamin D for growing bones and building body. It is the most essential thing among the other drinks because it is the building block of body and bones. Milk is the best nutritional drink for toddlers because it is helpful in making bones string and nutritious. It’s deficiency causes such devastating diseases in the body such as rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults specially in females. Deficiency of milk is can be compensated by taking calcium supplements along with the healthy diet whole of the day.


The fruit drinks are the healthy drinks which are as much essential as other things for the body. Fruit drinks should be free form other flavoured things or any other things. Fruit drinks are in the different ways like nectar juices and pulp juices having natural pulp of fresh fruits. Fruit juices are also available in canned form having synthetic pulp pieces in it.


Chocolate flavoured drinks containing chocolate pieces or any synthetic powder like Milo in it to make it so much delicious. It becomes the top most choice of kids as the kid friendly energy drink.

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