Hair Transformation: Tips to Transform Your Hair

hair transformation

Do you want a dramatic change in your personality? You can get started with hair transformation. Selena Gomez is a famous example of dramatic hair transformation because her stylists spent 12 hours on her hair for Nirvana Blonde. It looks beautiful and makes her hair healthy.

If you are looking forward to an incredible hair transformation, you can consider Nirvana Blonde after expert advice. Before undergoing any hair transformation, it is significant to consult a professional cosmetologist. Remember, everyone has different hair; therefore, hair may react differently to each treatment.

After taking inspiration from someone else, you have to consult a cosmetologist. Remember, what works for a celebrity or your friend may not be good for you. Your carelessness can damage your hair. Cosmetologists have skills and training to educate you about the situation of your hair. In this way, you can roll out a transformation plan because it involves multiples visits to the salon.

Hair Transformation Must Compliment Your Lifestyle

According to experts, every hair transformation needs different types of preparation and commitment. If you already give time to your hair and follow a hair care routine, it will benefit you in the long run. With a low-maintenance routine, you should not choose a high-maintenance hairstyle. Consider available time and commitment you have for your looks before selecting any hairstyle.

Try Before a Final Decision

Before any dramatic hair transformation, you should find out if this hairstyle suits you. Sometimes, you can draw inspiration from magazines. In this situation, try to combine your photos with the picture of hair. If it is a major transformation, you should try a new hairstyle.

Indeed, you must try a pixie haircut if you currently have long hair. It may take over a year to get your long hair back after a pixie. For this reason, you have to try this hairstyle to find out if you like it.

Highlight Reasons for Hair Transformation

A few hair transformations may be dramatic and difficult to reverse. Hence, it is essential to change your style for the best reasons. Your hair transformation is one you must not regret later after it is done.

Remember, your hairstyle is not permanent; therefore, you can try new things and enjoy them. Ultimately, your hair will grow back; therefore, it is not something to panic about. After some research and preparation, you can change your hairstyle. If you are not happy after transformation, do not worry because your hair will grow back.

Preparation for Hair Transformation

A hair transformation is common from the winter to the summer season. Dark, long hair may become prominent during winter; therefore, you can explore warm colors. In the summer, you can try short lengths. Moreover, take additional steps during winter for healthy hair. You should talk to your stylist now for a chic summer look because you may need several months to achieve a look.

People often try blonde shades during the summer. If your head is naturally black, you can start this transition from January to March to ensure the best outcomes for the summer season. Sometimes, you will need six months to transform your hair from black to another shade without damage. 

Remember, your hair may have different shades between your initial and final color. Prepare yourself for this journey. If you want to keep long locks in the summer, begin the growing procedure soon. Feel free to take the advice of your cosmetologist. 

Generally, hair may grow almost half an inch per month; therefore, you should stop cutting in January or even before if you want an additional three inches in June. Moreover, if you need a short haircut in summer, you can cut your hair in increments to avoid a sudden change. 

Treatment for Curly Hairs

It is not easy to take care of your curly hair. Fortunately, you can deal with this problem with hair care products. Regularly wash your hair to remove extra oil, dust, product buildup on the scalp and dead skin cells. Make sure to buy a mild shampoo without toxic chemicals, such as parabens, alcohols, silicones and sulfates. These elements may exasperate your scalp.

Sulfates are important lathering agents, and parabens play the role of preservatives in hair care products. You should switch to fragrance-free, mild surfactants, silicon free, paraben-free and sulfate-free formula in shampoos.

Curly hair can be dry easily; therefore, avoid extra shampooing. Extra shampooing may suck out the natural moisture of your hair. Moreover, check moisturizing ingredients in the conditioner. With the help of a conditioner, it is possible to seal your hair cuticle to protect them from environmental damages.

For curly hair, pre-shampoo treatment becomes bliss. It can remove frizz from hair and prove beneficial in detangling. Apply a conditioning oil or hair mask to dry hair by separating different hair sections. Leave this conditioner in your hair for 20 to 25 minutes. Cover your hair with a towel or a shower cap to trap heat and open up the cuticle. In this way, conditioner can penetrate in hair well.

Dietary Changes for Healthy Hair

If you want healthy hair, you can add lipids to your regular diet. It is available in the form of Omega-3 fatty acids available in flaxseed oil and fatty fish. Moreover, iron-rich food items are essential for your hair, such as spinach, beans, dates, lentils, and beetroot.

Indeed, you will need biotin-rich food items, including almonds, spinach, and eggs. Your hair also needs vitamin C that you can get by consuming limes, Indian gooseberries and oranges. It is important to get Vitamin D by exposing a few minutes of morning in the sunlight. Vitamin D is also available in fish, mushrooms, and egg yolk.

Healthy Hair Masks

You can make amazing hair masks using healthy kitchen ingredients. Make sure to use hair masks once per week to retain oil in hair. Apply homemade masks for one hour and wash them with shampoo. Finally, apply a suitable hair conditioner to keep your scalp healthy.

Some good ingredients for hair masks are avocados and egg yolk. Combine them to make a nourishing mask. Moreover, aloe vera gel is good for your hair. You can also apply a mask of avocados and bananas.

Avoid hot water to wash your hair because it can make your hair dry. You have to use cold water or lukewarm water. It will help you to keep your hair healthy during hair transformation.

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