SwitchBot: Introduction to the Smartest and Smallest Robot


Home automation is actually a daunting task because you have to focus on protocols, compatibilities, and several requirements. Sometimes, you have to change your electronic products with smart ones. All these complications and expenses often deter people from investing in smart technology. The introduction of Switchbot can solve all these problems.

Switchbot allows you to control different appliances and home features without any disturbance. It is the smartest remote robot to control buttons and switches. Generally, you can pair your smartphone with these switches to control them with mobile. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent development.

Why Switchbot?

Switchbot is designed to make your life easy because these devices are easy to install. Remember, switch bot devices use infrared (IR) signals for communication with other devices. For this reason, you can control other devices, including IR-compatible heaters and air conditioners. Some famous devices include:

SwitchBot Meter

Indeed, it is a valuable and smart device to measure temperature and humidity levels in particular areas. It needs Bluetooth low energy (BLE) to operate; therefore, the range of this meter is similar to the Bluetooth range. Typically, the Bluetooth range is 10 meters or 30 feet.

You can improve the operability range by using a hub. If you are using this app without any hub, you may have access to 36 days of old data. After adding a switch bot hub, your data will be backed up and uploaded automatically in the cloud service of SwitchBot. As a result, you can access this data from Meter stores. 

SwitchBot Bot

Smart plugs may be faulty because of electric switches. You cannot use them with customary flip switches. However, SwitchBot created a bot that turns a dumb switch for smart operations. It can work with any appliance buttons or rocker switch to push. Even a bot can press buttons to activate smart devices, including buttons on Philips Hue remotes. 

For instance, your espresso or coffee machine needs an on-board button to press before making a brew. To make things easy, buy a switchbot bot and stick it on your coffee machine. Set this bot to turn on as you wake up.

In the presence of a hub, you could have a routine of an Alexa. Yet, you can’t integrate this bot with the remaining smart home without any hub. It is impossible to set your bot to turn on as you come home in this situation automatically.

Overview of SwitchBoth Hubs

These are smart hubs to connect your SwitchBot devices and control them easily. You can connect to your devices through the SwitchBot app. Undoubtedly, hubs can expand different operability options when it comes to particular SwitchBoth devices.

By connecting SwitchBot devices to a hub, you can transmit data of other SwitchBot devices through Wi-Fi. It will allow you to check other devices, including SwitchBot meter. Remember, you can connect SwitchBot smart devices to SwitchBot Hubs. The hubs can connect your devices with other smart hubs. Consequently, you can connect other devices in the home seamlessly.

You can choose between two SwitchBot Hubs, such as the Plus and the Mini. They have compatibility with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. Keep in mind that Google Assistant and Alexa cannot connect directly to the hubs because they are not devices. In fact, a hub can be connected to different Wi-Fi enable SwitchBot devices. The hub offers a Wi-Fi bridge to relocate and set up switch bot curtains and other smart devices to control. 

The SwitchBot Hub Plus

The functions of both hubs are almost similar, but switchbot plus is larger than others. There are only a few differences between these devices. Hub Plus comes with an AC adapter to plug into the wall. Moreover, you can use it as an LED light at night. It looks like a rainbow cloud.

Moreover, you can use Plus with other home appliances. Along with the AC adapter, IR remote capabilities and night light are essential features. Both hubs may become a bridge between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect smart devices of your home.

Mini SwitchBot Hub

The size of the mini switchbot makes it an excellent addition to a small apartment or home. Both hubs are suitable to connect your bot devices with convenience. If you want an easy and affordable option, Mini SwitchBot hub can be a sensible choice.

It is an easy option if you want to upgrade your traditional home to a smart home. A USB connection increases your flexibility to power this hub. Indeed, it is a convenient feature if there is a power outage. In case of a power outage, you can operate a fully charged power bank for a particular time.

Versatility and Simplicity

Switchbot allows you to control your home through a smartphone. It has integrated wireless capabilities to connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. As a result, it will be convenient for you to control your devices from anywhere. Moreover, the device has a Mesh network; therefore, people can use multiple switchbots. 

Remember, Mesh network allows bots to connect together through Bluetooth. For this reason, a person can control all bots that are out of Bluetooth range. It can control smart switches of your entire home. Fortunately, numerous smart devices on the market apply to a particular switch type. Switch Bot has compatibility with almost every switch.

Moreover, it uses IFTTT (If This Then That) technology. For this reason, it is easy to control all devices without any special command. You can input different settings in the apps according to your convenience. Overall, switchbot is a remarkable technology to make your life simple.

Final Verdict

It is easy to install and control compatible electronic devices in your home. You can stick this device on a switch and enter the setting in the app to optimize your home. Undoubtedly, it is an elegant and small automated switch for every tech-savvy. 

For your convenience, Switch Bot comes with a Lithium battery with a 2-year life for regular use. The battery is replaceable; therefore, you can use it with peace of mind. After using SwitchBoth, you should not worry about thermostat buttons and light switches.

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