Fun Facts about Joe Biden: Strange Things to Unveil

Joe Biden

Joe Biden won the presidential elections of the USA after defeating Donald Trump. He took charge of the United States presidency as the 46th president on Tuesday. The 78 years man won this match after a nail-biting fight among the democrats and the republicans. Now, Joe Biden memes are trending over the internet.

After John F. Kennedy, he is the second Catholic president. He is the oldest president of the USA in the history of America. Here are some fun facts and offensive memes about Joe Biden that you may not have heard before.

Bullied Biden

Biden was bullied for his stutter while growing up in Scranton Penns and then in Wilmington. He stuttered till his early 20s, and then he overcame stutter with his efforts. So instead of spending time on Biden meme and jokes, you can learn from his efforts to overcome a stutter. It can be difficult, but not impossible.

Widower Biden

In 1972, Nelia, the first wife of Biden, died in a car accident during Christmas shopping. The accident also claimed Naomi’s life, his 1-year old daughter. Meanwhile, Hunter and Beau (two other kids) survived the accident but were severely injured. Later, Biden met Jill in 1975 on a blind date. They both got married on 17 June 1977. Beau Biden, the oldest son of Biden, died in 2015 because of brain cancer. 

Third President Run in 2020

Biden ran the presidential campaign two times before. In 1988, he suspended his campaign because of plagiarism allegations of Neil Kinnock (Leader of British Labor Party). His campaign did not gain traction in 2008, and he withdrew from this race after getting 5th place in the Iowa Democratic Caucus. Joe Biden memes are enough to see his blunders.  

No Addiction Except Ice Cream

Joe Biden does not smoke and drink. Instead, ice cream is his weakness, and he prefers to enjoy chocolate chip ice cream. He spent $10,000 on ice cream during his campaign for donors. Biden made history in his 29 years by electing the United States Senate. Remember, he was the youngest president designated to Congress. People try to express every event through a loss meme.

His election memes are unforgettable because people make fun of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Before finishing his second term, President Barack Obama awarded Biden with Freedom Presidential Medal. It is the highest civilian honor for the nation. Several Biden and trump memes   

Joe Biden Gaffes

Joe Biden gaffes are famous because he has a history of saying wrong things at the wrong time. Undoubtedly, it is a fatal flaw for the presidential race. Biden called himself a gaffe machine. But, lately, this machine is silent. Undoubtedly, Biden is famous for his chronic foot-in-mouth and verbal missteps disease. Yet, after moving to his Oval Office, he stayed on messages.

Obama and Biden memes took the internet to storm after his presidential victory. Nowadays, his two German shepherds, Major and Champ, are getting attention. Once, he defended a fisherman accused of stealing a cow (prize-winning). In the aliens meme, people are comparing Biden to aliens in “Fire in the Sky”.

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