Walter the Dog: Facts Behind Iconic Memes

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Animal memes are famous since the commencement of memes. Funny photos of pets and people often go viral and become iconic memes. Numerous memes can retain their legacy on different social sites. Some famous animal are Cheers, Limecat, and Walter dog. Remember, Walter the dog is a recently entered animal in the meme world.

Only a few people know that Walter is based on the meme name. A photo of Walter spread quickly on social media during the past few years. The photo of Walter was posted in 2018 on Twitter. This photo was taken at a particular angle, making him weird with no ears and a huge nose. People use this image to make funny memes featuring Walter the dog.

How walter the dog became popular?

In 2018, this iconic image was posted to @PupperNelson Twitter account with a hilarious caption, “when you mistakenly open a front-facing camera”. The tweet dramatically amassed more than 58,000 likes and 11,000 retweets. Victoria Leigh is the dog owner behind the Walter meme, and she was shocked by the popularity of her dog. Initially, it was difficult for her to process the reaction of thousands of individuals. She had no idea where this photo came from. Moreover, she was clueless about how this image started to spread.

Real Name of Walter

Undoubtedly, the meme is known as “Walter the Dog”. The name of the dog is not Walter because his name is “Nelson”. Leigh thought that a viral photo of Nelson put fog on his real identity. He is also a part of an anime meme. Remember, a meme is only for fun and does not tell the entire story about Nelson. A bull terrier, Nelson, weighs almost 45 pounds. His birth date is July 2017, but he was still young, a puppy at the time of his viral meme.    

Leigh is an introvert bearing social anxiety; therefore, she tries to avoid strangers. Nelson likes to be friendly with strangers. Two seconds after meeting a stranger, he will fall down to enjoy belly rubs. He would be happy if he realizes how many individuals loved him.

Twitter Account of Nelson

big mouth characters

animal crossing memes

These memes are famous in big mouth characters. Walter memes are available easily on the internet, but you will find more on official Twitter account of Nelson (@PutterNelson). Leigh consistently posts photographs of bull terriers. You can find old photos of the dog even before his popularity on the internet. 

Walter the dog is famous than animal crossing memes. She made an account for her puppy in 2017 to highlight his puppyhood. Now, this account is becoming famous among people because they want to know more about their favorite pupper.

Gossip and Memes Drama

walter the dog
Image by Flickr

Gossips and fame come hand in hand; therefore, you can see lots of reaction memes. Numerous rumors were claiming Nelson had passed away in 2020. Online photos of bull terrier were posted with gunshot wounds. For this reason, people consider it the dog from Walter anime memes. 

Things become complicated when an article claimed it was Nelson. It was false because Leigh confirmed that he is alive and healthy. The injured dog was Billy, and he was dead during an armed robbery to protect his owner. She also posted that she will definitely inform people on social accounts if something happened to Nelson. You can still find exciting e memes for Nelson. 

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