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Poké Gyms and Battles: Uncover Important Secrets

poke gyms

Poké Gyms allow players to train their Pokémon in friendly gyms. In the opponent gyms, you can attack with your team and win this battle to reduce the prestige of this gym. This game is about group sport as well in which you have to work with your selected team. As you enter any occupied gym, you will start a battle, and your Pokémon has to dodge and attack the Pokémon of the opposite team. To know latest trends, feel free to check Pokémon memes. Tap your screen to attack, press, and grasp to launch this attack. To escape an attack, you can swipe. To get possession of your gym, you should get their Pokémon zero.

After winning a battle, you can occupy a gym and become its leader. It is easy to claim an empty Poké Gym for valor, mystic, or instinct team. If your team can successfully occupy a gym, you will get a chance to train your Pokémon in this gym. You can train one Pokémon at a time in the gym. Other trainers may leave a few of their best Pokémon behind to defend their gyms. You will enter in a combat mode to claim any Poké Gym. After winning a battle, you can get these Pokémon. Visit your occupied gyms regularly to earn bonus coins and leave some leveled-up Pokémon to defend your gym.

As you lose a battle in the Poké gym, you will lose your prestige. To earn the prestige of Poke gym back, train your Pokémon in the gym. Experience points can increase influence, and it can increase your level as well. As the level of your gym increase, you can become a gym leader. As you get to level 3 of your Pokémon planet, you can have 3 Poké leaders in the gym. By increasing the number of gym leaders, you can make it difficult for the opponent team to occupy your gym. To win leaders again, you have to fight multiple battles. Each battle can reduce the prestige of a gym you can help your team and earn coins when you hold this gym.

Strengthen Your Team

poke gyms
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If you want to conquer gyms, prepare your Pokémon for a massive fight. Try to evolve and power up various Pokémon to get a strong team of Pokémon. By capturing loads of Pokémon, you will have sufficient candy and Stardust for a particular Pokémon. Both ingredients are necessary to strengthen your Pokémon.

The strength of your Pokémon depends on the combat points or CP. Power up a Pokémon to increase its stats and it will require candy or Stardust. The evolution process will transfer your Pokémon to another layer and an evolved Pokémon can increase your stats. You should enhance their power before starting a gym battle. Anime memes are endless to see strategies of other players.

Size up Team

Once you have several strong Pokémon then you can go out and search a gym for combat. If an opposite team controls a gym, click on this gym. Then check the CP of defending Pokémon at the gym. Compare this CP with CP of your own Pokémon that you want to include in a team for battle. With Pokémon of higher CP, you can proceed to challenge this gym and start the fight.

Types of elements are critical in gym battles. For instance, water can extinguish the fire and fire can melt ice. You should consider rock and scissor-type Pokémon for a fight. You can carry almost 6 Pokémon with you for battle. It will be good to have various elements in your team to reduce the chances of failure.

Battle Drills

During battles, you have to tap and launch special attacks. If you are fighting with an opponent, you should focus on some special attacks such as:

Basic Attack: Just tap on the Pokémon of your opponent. As you continue to tap, you will see a blue bar beside the CP of your Pokémon. It will start to fill up and once this bar is complete, you can tap and hold to release a special attack. Keep your eyes on the Pokémon of the enemy and get ready to swipe right or left to dodge incoming attacks. Tap vigorously to land your special attacks. Once a Pokémon faints it will be automatically replaced with the next Pokémon in your roster. You can heal your Pokémon after the battle and use items that you have acquired from Poké Stops for healing.

Successfully defeat your opponent to reduce the prestige of the gym by almost 2,000 points. Once the prestige of a gym becomes zero then you can claim this gym and take over the control of this gym for your team. You will earn bonus Poké coins regularly after holding a gym. It will be an excellent incentive to support your team.

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