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The world is full of numerous excited and weird events. Nowadays, weird things spread on the internet in the form of memes. There are more than dnd memes and cute cats. A cute cat catches your attention easily, but we have some horrific events to share with you.

Corpse Husband Face

Corpse husband hated his face, and he revealed this fact during a live stream. Because of his face, he was indulged in self-harm. He was teased to reveal face, but he showed only her hair and handwriting. The corpse husband face and life was a mystery. 

People do not have sufficient information about his life. However, he revealed some details about his family troubles in the past. You can listen to his music on Spotify, including his last release Daywalker. There are almost 4.7 million active listeners on his account.

Glee Curse

The curse on Glee caste started with the Cory Monteith death, played Finn Hudson. On 13 July, 2013, he died because of a drug overdose in Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel of Vancouver. At the time of his death, his age was 31. According to toxicology reports, there was a deadly blend of codeine, morphine, heroin and alcohol in his blood.

After several years of substance abuse problems during his teenage, Monteith deteriorated and required treatment in 2013 after his on-set intervention. He was not in the last episodes of Season 4 to complete his treatment. Finally, his character was died in Season 5 after his death. 

Wife of Ted Bundy

wife of ted bundy
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The scandalous serial killer and rapist, Ted Bundy, was famous for murdering and abducing almost 36 young women in the 1970s. He was convicted to death for his brutal crimes through the electric chair in 1989. After his death, people were curious about his wife, Carole Ann Boone. The romantic crusade of Bundy with Boone was implausible yet captivating for onlookers. 

From their marriage to their child, Rose Bundy, when Bundy was captivated, there are many things in their story.

Ted Bundy was famous for his charismatic personality; therefore, it was easy for him to trap his victims. Similarly, Carole Ann Boone trusted him as an innocent guy to become his wife and give birth to his child. She was traumatized after knowing the horrific crimes of her husband. Boone rejected him, refused to even speak to him on his execution. She went off the grid with Ted Bundy’s daughter to move on.

Brittanee Drexel

The disappearance of Brittanee Drexel is one of the horror stories. At that time, she was 100 miles away from her home with her so-called friends. She vanished, and no one saw her again. Brittanee Drexel, 17 years old, was going through the separation of her parents along with depression. She wants some peace; therefore, she went to Myrtle Beach.

Instead of relaxing as per her expectations, girls were bullying her. She left alone, informing her boyfriend about this miserable trip. He failed to join her on the trip. One day, when she was going back to the hotel, she unexpectedly stopped responding. 

According to his mother, the disappearance of her daughter is related to human trafficking. There are different twists in this story regarding kidnappers. One of the horrific events is associated with Christine Chubbuck. She was a news reporter and the first individual to suicide during a television broadcast.

44 Days of Hell

It is the story of Junko Furuta, a young Japanese girl who spent 44 days in hell before her death. She was raped and tortured for 44 days before dying on 22 November 1989. Her case was famous as a concrete-encased case of a high school girl. 

On 24 November 1988, four teenage boys kidnapped her and took her to the house of Adachi, Tokyo. After her death, four murderers stuffed her body in a drum full of concrete. Later on, all four were caught and tried as juveniles. 

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