Gaming tips: Have Fun with Your Favorite Pokémon Go

Gaming tips

Pokémon Go has lots of fun things to reveal, and over time, you can get a chance to unlock its hidden features. There are a few tips and tricks that can be useful for everyone to play like Kaceytron.

Capture Everything

Initially, you have to catch everything, even a duplicate Pokémon. it will help you get evolution candy, and you can get an extra candy by transferring this to the professor. The Stardust and candy will help you to evolve the Poké that you want to keep. Some Pokémon looks like cute cats.

Find what is Near You

With the aid of a map, you can get alerts about particular Pokémon near you. The map will give you warnings about the current location . Silhouettes are those creatures that you have not encountered yet. The footprints will show the appropriate distance to you. Tap on the Pokémon in the list and see if you are closer to it.

Turn off Augmented Reality

Gaming tips
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It is fun to see a Pokémon in the augmented reality, but you can turn off augmented reality to reduce distractions around it. Turn it off to stop the movements of Pokémon and hit this creature with a Poké ball.

Put Your Finger on Poké Ball

If you are trying to catch a Poké, you should put your finger on the ball before throwing it and see a reticule appear on it. The color and size of the reticule will indicate how hard or easy capturing will be.

Green color means easy to catch; orange means medium and red shows that it is hard to capture a Poké. The small circle will increase your chances of success in capturing this creature. Let the circle smaller enough before hitting the ball on this Pokémon.

Plough Candy and Stardust

Candy is essential to upgrade the Pokémon of similar type. Select your champions wisely at the start. You can choose one with plentiful duplicates around you. These copies will offer Stardust and candy. Remember, these ingredients are essential to evolve your Pokémon. A few beasts of higher levels will always help you to win a battle. It is better than spending time with loss meme.

Don’t Start Early Evolution OF Pokémon

Evolution of pokemon
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Every player is eager to use Candy and Stardust for the evolution. As a trainer, you should wait and have the patience to increase your level. In the higher levels, you can get powerful Pokémon with good combat powder. At a higher level, evolve these stronger Poké to make your team strong and unbeatable.

Visit Real-life Habitats of Pokémon

If you want to find any particular Pokémon, you should visit their real-life habitat. Water Poké is common near water streams, and ghost Pokémon will find near graveyards and dark places.

Evolved Pokémon is Powerful

Keep in mind that evolved it will become stronger than their wild counterparts. A Pokémon can become powerful than the Pokémon of their similar class. Capturing these types of Pokémon is beneficial.

Don’t Start Gym Battles Early

At an early stage, your Pokémon is fragile to become part of a fight. Make sure to evolve it before starting a gym battle and Increase the combat power of it before starting any fight. Powerful creatures will increase your chances of winning battles.

Hit Poké Stop Frequently

If you want to get all free objects, you should hit Poké Stop often and hit the “X” at the bottom to get maximum items. At Poké Stop, there are numerous chances to get free items.

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